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In Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads through Society, Aaron Lynch describes seven factors in thought contagion:

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“Big kids make bad citizens.”

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Deaver does a great job on a narrow topic for a narrow constituency.

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In the Incarnation, does it make a difference whether the Father sends the Son or the Son sends the Father? Copyrighted Image. Use here is considered fair use. Although most Christians would answer with a resounding “yes,” gender egalitarians, in their pursuit of radical equality between the sexes, appear to be suggesting otherwise. On the […]

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Humans are created good but broken. Every aspect of their being is affected.

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Millions of people have bought Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s author, Victor Frankl, saw that, not simply in terms of the book’s success, but in terms of the emptiness that so many people must be feeling.

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Benner provides an excellent model for counseling with just enough counseling content and technique to communicate how it would work. From the back cover, Benner (Ph.D., York University) is Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Spirituality at the Psychological Studies Institute (Atlanta) and a practicing clinical psychologist. The author or editor of over twenty books, he […]

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SFPC is a compelling approach to counseling that gains its power from some rather simple, well-known principles–

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Bible is one of approximately 30 titles in the “Complete Idiot’s” Series.

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Boys are risk takers. Girls are risk-averse. The eyes of boys are adept at detecting motion. The eyes of girls are better at identification. Girls hear better than boys. Girls navigate by landmarks processed in the cerebrum. Boys navigate by a built-in compass located in the hippocampus. Young boys cannot articulate their emotions. Young girls […]

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The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson has stimulated a whole line of niche books– The Prayer of Jabez… for women, for men, for little ones, for kids, for teenagers….

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