Homosexual activists have three options in advancing their social agenda in the face of traditional Christian opposition.

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Those three options are Reinterpretation, Reevaluation, and Repudiation– the “Three R’s”:

  • Reinterpretation of history, tradition, and scripture
  • Reevaluation based on appeals to higher principles within the Christian religion
  • Outright Repudiation of the Judeo-Christian heritage

Although these tactics are often muddled in the midst of heated discussions, they really reflect a series of distinct retrenchments.

  • If history, tradition, etc. oppose homosexuality, they must be Reinterpreted
  • If they can’t be reinterpreted, they must be Reevaluated
  • If they can’t be reevaluated, they must be Repudiated.

Yesterday’s post addressed the tactic of reevaluation. This post addresses the tactic of repudiation.

Repudiation becomes necessary because appeals to overarching principles of compassion, love, acceptance, etc. are limited and ultimately ineffective as long as people hold traditional understandings about the nature of God, man, creation, sin, and salvation. (Love, for example, is not really love if it affirms behavior that offends nature and nature’s God. Compassion, acceptance, and so forth are likewise subverted if they are rooted simply in the imagination instead of ultimate reality.) Traditional beliefs link …

  • maleness and femaleness with the image of God
  • the image of God with the nature of His creation
  • heterosexuality with the goodness of creation
  • homosexuality with the fallenness of creation
  • sin and its redemption (both cosmic and personal) with concrete acts

These are the kinds of considerations that limit the effectiveness of pro-gay appeals to higher concerns and make repudiation of the Judeo-Christian heritage necessary.

Repudiation is accomplished by renouncing traditional beliefs and substituting different conceptions of god, man, creation, sin, and salvation in their place.

Accordingly, Christianity is rejected as the unredeemable product of …

  • a usurping,
  • hierarchical,
  • judgmental,
  • violent,
  • unjust,
  • technological,
  • patriarchal, and
  • earth-destroying religion based on the “male god” of the bible.

In its place is substituted the vision of…

  • a positive,
  • affirming,
  • nurturing,
  • egalitarian,
  • peaceful,
  • fair,
  • tolerant,
  • matriarchal, and
  • ecologically correct religion based on worship of an explicitly female “goddess.”

Lillith, not Eve, becomes the mother of us all.

Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s 1864-73, Delaware Art
Museum. Wilmington, DE. This painting by Rossetti is one of the tamer
depictions of Lillith. Most are pornographic. According to legend,
Lillith was the first wife of Adam. She refused to submit to him, left
the Garden of Eden and became a demon.

The effect is to recast the triumph of the Judeo-Christian heritage as the real “Fall,” Christian beliefs as sinful, and salvation as the wholesale rejection of Christianity in its entirety.

Homosexuality, however, is like a parasite in not being able to survive as a community unto itself– it must find a host to sustain it. In the past, Christian culture functioned as a host– albeit unfriendly. The decline of Christian influence within American culture, however, has given homosexual activists a new option for support. Government, education, business, and the media now constitute a welcoming community for gays on one hand and an alien one for Christians on the other. Homosexuals, therefore, have the option of rejecting the church altogether. It is homosexuals, not the church, who now seem to function as “gatekeepers” for mainstream society. The result has been to put pro-gay activists in the position of offering Christians an ultimatum– “accept us or find yourselves as societal outcasts.”

There is danger both in overstating and underestimating the power of pro-homosexual forces. They should, indeed, be taken seriously. Their apparent power, however, is really a reflection of widespread cultural decline in which homosexuality is more of an indicator of decay than a cause of it.

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