Darwinian Evolution is in a state of crisis.


A rather recent amazement for Darwinian devotees was the discovery of soft tissue and even blood vessels in the fossilized bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. See National Geographic article, 25 March 2005, “T. Rex Soft Tissue Preserved.”

According to Darwinians, that bone is supposed to be around 70 million years old. … but how….

The Darwinians will no doubt offer an answer, but the answer itself will add to the growing implausibility of Darwinian Evolution.

For them, life arose in the mud– no in the oceans– no from outer space.

Life evolved gradually– no in rapid spurts.

Evolution is blind– no Earth is itself a living thing that stimulates and guides evolutionary processes.

The vast range of contradictory assertions exemplifies the numerous anomalies that set the stage for a paradigm shift in biology.

Thomas Khun described the structure of scientific revolutions way back in 1962 in a book by the same title.

That structure is made up of three phases:

  • The first is a pre-scientific stage where all facts are equally relevant and many theories compete as models for understanding them.
  • The second stage is one of “normal science” in which practitioners of the “received model” try to fit all the facts into it.
  • The third stage is one of crisis in which facts that can’t be explained under the existing paradigm become so politically charged they force a paradigm shift.

Darwinian Evolution is clearly experiencing the third stage of Khun’s model.

More and more scientists are defecting– particularly to the Theory of Intelligent Design– a theory that does offer a scientific answer to the irreducible complexities of biological life– a problem Darwinian evolutionists cannot explain.

Normal science (Khun’s second stage) “is predicated on the assumption that the scientific community knows what the world is like.”

Greater and greater numbers of scientists and larger and larger portions of the public no longer believe Darwinian evolutionists have got it figured out.

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