If there are political points to be made in the Jared Loughner incident they ought to include the obvious observation that the political left is using the story to project its own malice, motives, and mentality onto its opponents.

Jared Loughner Arizona Shooter
Mug shot of alleged Arizona shooter Jared Loughner
(AP Photo from Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. by way of The Arizona Republic)

Another useful point would be the role of culture in shielding individuals from the kind of social interventions that could have mitigated the threat.

But first, consider how long it took the University of California at Berkeley to deal with Andrew Martinez, “the Naked Guy,” who strolled campus and attended classes without a stitch back in the 90’s. (Interestingly, although Martinez later died as a lone suicide, he could have easily taken others with him.)

What’s the connection? The same legal and cultural inhibitions to intervention that left Martinez unchecked on the UC Berkeley campus also helped Loughner run loose in a supermarket parking lot on January 13th.

Moreover, in the intervening 18 years between Martinez and Loughner, the government has habituated a sense of helplessness in the face of social deviance within local communities by intervening on the side of aberrant behavior in countless ways, from the silencing of abortion protestors, to the promotion of homosexuality, to public nudity, to the defense of pornography, to the elevation of radical leftists, to the indulgence of radical Islamicists.

Truth is the same kind of “distancing” the government demands of abortion protestors vis-a-vis abortion providers operated on a different level in the Arizona shootings to insulate Loughner from the forces of social order that could have prevented the murder of 6 people and the wounding of 13 others.

See also “Insulating People from the Moral Judgments of Others.”

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