Good ideas are well-served by good illustrations and tonight Conan O’Brien will gift us with a great one.

conan o'brien, gay marriage,
Conan O’Brien (left) and gay fiancés David Gorshein and Scott Cronick.
O’Brien will reportedly perform Gorshein and Cronick’s wedding during tonight’s show.
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As I’ve noted before, gay marriage is ontologically inferior to heterosexual marriage.

Gay ethics therefore relate to heterosexual ethics in terms of . . .

    (1) their negation (as in promiscuity) . . .

      or . . .

    (2) caricature (as in gay marriage).

And what better way to illustrate the caricature-like quality of gay marriage than to have a gay couple married . . .

    . . . on late-night TV

    . . . by a comedian

    . . . equipped with a mail-order ordination.

The setting suggests humor and the event responds with parody.

Thank you Conan for making the connection!!


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“Ontology” refers to “being”– to the nature of things in themselves. Homosexuality (and by extension everything homosexuality touches– as in homosexual marriage) is in its very nature inferior to heterosexuality.

To illustrate, consider how the existence of heterosexuality is independendent of homosexuality but not vice versa.

Consider also how participants in heterosexual marriage confer “legitimacy” on the children they “have,” while participants in homosexual marriage try to confer legitimacy upon themselves by “having” (society) give them children (via adoption).

Legitimacy flows outward from heterosexual marriage. It must flow inward in homosexual marriage.

One is a source of legitimacy while the other is a sink. And the mechanism is mimicry– marriage in “black face.”

Truth is heterosexual and homosexual marriages are simply NOT commensurable.

And to think and act as if they are is to be “darkened in one’s understanding” through willful ignorance of what would otherwise be totally obvious to the most casual observer.

Last night’s comedian-officiated gay marriage ceremony has given new meaning to idea of “dark humor.”

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