Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution
Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution

The ethics of traditional genders are difficult to socialize and difficult to realize (live out), but they do produce vigorous, enduring cultures.

The transgendered represent an interesting misfit within the LGBT ideology in that they see traditional gender ethics as so important, they are willing to suffer radical treatments to conform to those genders.

Gays and lesbians, on the other hand, see traditional genders as either fungible across body types or illegitimate altogether.

Bisexuals, in the meantime, are all over the map.

Yet at the same time, society is supposed to accept this menagerie monolithically— an incredible idea since no society has ever accepted even heterosexuality on those terms.

The great achievement of Western civilization has been the channeling of male sexual energy into social roles that served the interests of women and children. All of that is fading fast.

If only we could do to our enemies what we have done to ourselves.


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How is it that transgender therapy (helping people become the sex they are not) should be promoted while conversion therapy (helping people be the sex they are) should be banned? If all medical/health care were held to the same standard as that being used to ban conversion therapy, it would be illegal to sell aspirins! — BB

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