Medieval Roman Catholic Sale of Indulgences

The medieval Roman Catholic sale of indulgences?


Modern Evangelical

The modern Evangelical “sale” of indulgences?

More importantly, which group arguably continues to “sell” indulgences?

pope francis
Pope Francis at his inauguration.

Roman Catholics?


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Modern Evangelicals?

Modern Evangelicals uphold the notion that on the basis of (predestined) faith, God imputes an alien (borrowed) righteousness to those who believe.

Roman Catholics believe that on the basis of faith and through the instruments of grace (sacraments), God infuses real moral righteousness.

Evangelical righteousness is a point-action, once-for-all-time legal verdict.

Roman Catholic righteous is the outworking of a process (sanctification).

Both Roman Catholics and Evangelicals see God primarily as a judge who is mainly concerned with moral righteousness.

The “New Perspective on Paul,” in contrast, sees God primarily as a covenant-keeper who considers moral righteousness as inherently subsequent and subordinate to relational righteousness such that God (1) initially justifies on the basis of faith (2) through which He imparts the Spirit (3) through which believers are empowered to live holy lives (4) on the basis of which believers received final justification on the basis of their Spirit-inspired works. God Himself is thus vindicated from first to last — His initial justification based on faith is in the end justified according to the life the believer has lived.

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1) Which is more off-putting?
2) Which group continues to “sell” indulgences?


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