AIDS quilt
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The AIDS Quilt?


ebola quilt

The Ebola Quilt?

Both reflect the satisfactions of their respective sexual orientations; e.g., Duncan of Ebola fame came to the States to marry his girlfriend.

Duncan would have faced prison back in Africa if he had survived and would no doubt have been bullied if people had known the details of his lying and heedlessness of other people’s welfare.

Neither the AIDS Quilt nor the hypothetical Ebola Quilt distinguishes victims from victimizers.

The nurse infected by Duncan may die. If she does, then her picture would be on the Ebola Quilt alongside Duncan’s.

So how does the AIDS Quilt compare with the Ebola quilt?

Take the survey.

True or False? The victim status of Duncan in no way differs from that of the nurse he infected.
The moral equivalence of Duncan's infection with that of his nurse is ______.
The moral equivalence of AIDS victims regardless of how they became infected is _______.
The Ebola Quilt deserves ______.
The AIDS quilt deserves _______________ the Ebola quilt.


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