Once upon a time, I thought the growing acceptance of gay ideology was simply due to the success of gay activists in deceiving basically good, but incredibly naive people.

incorrect dynamic of gay ideology

How else could one explain all the deference given to quack research, silly arguments, intimidation, social pathologies, etc., etc. associated with gay advocacy?

Then it dawned on me; that “no,” the real dynamic was not of gay victory, but of gay utility. The larger society was simply using acceptance of homosexuality as a tool for pushing Christianity to the margins.

correct dynamic of gay ideology

That’s why the issue is always framed as Christianity versus gays — never in terms of Islam, even though Muslim attitudes towards homosexuality are much more severe than Christian attitudes.1

But as Hillary Clinton would say, “what difference does it make?”

A lot!

Every discussion on homosexuality that triangles Christianity into the argument should be corrected along the lines of …

The bigger issue is not really about Christianity versus gays — it’s really about a secular society using gays to attack Christianity.

Neither side of the issue can tell the truth about homosexuality2 until both sides can tell the truth about how the culture’s celebration of sexual dysfunction fits into the bigger story of Western culture’s near-hysterical flight from its God.

Western culture is no longer inspired by Christian ideals — rather it is haunted by them — haunted in the sense of having a guilty conscience — particularly in regard to sexual misbehavior.

And a guilty conscience will entertain even the most obvious fallacies and the most flagrant misrepresentations of reality to ease its pain.

Truth is we have have a society so alienated from its God that it is willing to embrace a boatload of physical and spiritual pathologies rather than deal honestly with that alienation.3

The bigger picture is also about the willingness of gays to be used by others in exchange for such things as the privilege of marching down mainstream in jockstraps, but you may want to leave that out of the re-framing.

A similar thing, of course, is also true of Muslims. There too, exaggerated tolerance on the part of secularists provides a convenient cover for their anti-Christian bigotry.

muslims as catspaw for anti-Christian bigotry

— historeo.com

historeo.comhistoreo 2

1For a recent, random example, see MSNBC’s “Christians terrorize just as much as Muslims!

2This is extremely gracious in that one side can’t tell the truth because the other side won’t let them.

3Rom 1:21-32

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