Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, university professor, and NYT best-selling author, has for years been trying to help Liberals understand why they have so much difficulty in communicating with ordinary Americans.

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In doing that, Haidt has made ground-breaking discoveries in moral psychology in identifying six dimensions of moral reasoning and feeling. They are …

    1. Care vs. Harm

    2. Liberty vs. Oppression

    3. Fairness vs. Cheating

    4. Loyalty vs. Betrayal

    5. Authority vs. Subversion

    6. Sanctity vs. Degradation

haidt's moral dimensions for liberals
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Haidt, an avowed Liberal himself, has also discovered Liberals operate primarily on the first dimension listed above, some on the second, a little bit on the third, and practically none on the last three. In practical terms, this means Liberals are super-sensitive to the “care vs. harm” aspects of moral issues, somewhat attuned to “liberty vs. oppression” aspects, and a little bit alert to “fairness vs. cheating,” but totally “tone deaf” to reasoning and feelings relating to dimensions of “loyalty vs. betrayal,” “authority vs. subversion,” and “sanctity vs. degradation.”

In other words, Liberals simply do not comprehend normal outrage over cheating, disloyalty, lawlessnes, and sacrilege. This would seem to so easily account for the their seemingly total shamelessness on matters of …

    1. Cheating — disregard for the rights of legal immigrants vis-a-vis illegal immigrants, indifference to voter fraud

    2. Betrayal — disdain for patriotism, “I was against it before I was for it” …

    3. Subversion — “Blue Lives Don’t Matter,” sanctuary cities …

    4. Degradation — gay marriage, abortion ….

In contrast, Haidt found Conservatives operate across all six dimensions in relatively equal proportions, comprehending the full suite of moral sense and sensibilities.

haidt's moral dimensions for conservatives
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To put it provocatively, Liberals (more correctly Leftists) could easily be seen as at least mildly sociopathic in their inability to perceive the full range of moral reasoning and feeling, and like all sociopaths as totally …

    1. Blind to the defects in their hearts and souls and

    2. Delusional in considering themselves superior in the very things they lack.

The implications of all this for increasing intolerance and incivility are profound. Dealing with Liberal sociopathy is a lot more burdensome that simply bearing with a crazy uncle who is tone deaf yet thinks himself a great singer or color-blind yet imagines himself especially good at coordinating wardrobes.

The political and social dimensions aren’t simply matters of aesthetics — the Liberal mindset habitually roils the peace, prosperity, endurance, and orderliness of so many precious things it does not and apparently cannot understand.


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