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It was a historical inevitability– Karl Marx

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To boldly go where no chicken has gone before– Captain Kirk

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National security was at stake– Oliver North

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Chickens, over the ages, have been naturally selected such that they are now genetically disposed to cross roads– Charles Darwin

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For fun– Epicurus

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What road?

What chicken?
— Pyrrho the Skeptic

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To persuade the vegetarians that a chicken is just a fast plant– Colonel Sanders

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She was reacting to a repressed, traumatic, childhood event that she wants to share with you in great detail– Oprah Winfrey

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In my day, we didn’t ask why chickens crossed roads– someone just told us and that was good enough for us– Grandpa

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The fact that you are at all concerned about the chicken crossing the road reveals your underlying insecurities– Freud

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To take one small step for a chicken, and one giant leap for poultry– Neil Armstrong

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To ask such a question denies your chicken nature– Buddha

The simplest facts are colored by a person’s view of life?

That’s because human beings are spiritual creatures who are not satisfied with just facts
— they must have meaning.

Sometimes the need for meaning can be comical (as above) in exposing one’s preoccupations.

Many times it’s not– particularly when it comes to the bigger issues of life.

What about the simple fact of human existence?

Are humans just animals or are they something higher?

Are they the accidental product of a mindless universe or are they the work of a personal God?

Is human history directed or directionless?

Do any moral absolutes exist?

The answer to these kinds of questions will have a tremendous effect on how people answer the important questions of life.


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