Legs Crossed

Left to ourselves, we are likely to order our values in ways that are convenient to us.

If we’re young, rich, and healthy, we are likely to shape our value system in ways that would neglect if not seriously injure the old, the poor, and the sick.

Talk to people with really crazy ideas about right and wrong and you will most likely find they are isolated from any kind of community that would challenge their flawed ways of thinking.

We need to community to persuade and even embarrass us out of our defective beliefs.


This is where the church as a community really excels.

Because in the church, morals are shaped in conversation centered around a sacred book.

Briefly put, community is the place where the lives and values of people are ordered in proper relation to each other.

Conversely, to live outside of community is to risk the possibility of a disordered life.

— historeo.com

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