James Taranto of the Wall Street JournalBest of the Web” has coined the phrase “Roe Effect” to designate the influence of abortion on political demographics.

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The “Roe Effect” means that, since leftists are more likely to abort their children, conservatism will eventually triumph simply through greater procreation. Although Traranto does have a point (see for example “The Return to Patriarchy” in Foreign Policy), the Roe Effect is aided by an additional factor we, in the tradition of great poetry, will call the “Dough Effect”– “dough” as in “money.”

Follow the money….

It works like this. Traditional values create prosperity– physical and spiritual. Prosperity eventually leads to indulgences that go against nature (e.g., leftist utopianism, Tower of Babel schemes). Nature pushes back with all kinds of pathologies– also physical and spiritual. Those pathologies eventually consume the physical and spiritual capital accumulated over past generations via traditional values. When that capital is used up, individuals and communities can no longer afford the dysfunctions inherent in leftist programs and therefore naturally turn toward more conservative beliefs and behavior– hence the “Dough Effect.”

Taken together, the Roe Effect and the Dough Effect would seem overwhelming– but both can be blunted. The Roe Effect is diminished by leftist influences in the media and government schooling. Conservatives have more children, but those children can easily be subverted by leftist entertainment and leftist education. In those respects, conservative parents function as “breeders” for leftist recruitment in the same way that heterosexual parents function as “breeders” for homosexual recruitment. (In the case of leftist recruitment though, there is some hope in that neither the mainstream media nor government education are very competent.)

The Dough Effect, in the meantime, is blunted by abortion and euthanasia. It works via the poverty-inspiring nature of leftist programs that transforms children and the elderly from resources into social burdens. Abortion and euthanasia therefore represent ways of ridding society of such burdens, thereby delaying the inevitable poverty that misguided social policies bring about. In the long run though, abortion and euthanasia can only be short-term strategies because their natural conclusion is national and cultural extinction.

So the Roe Effect and the Dough Effect offer reasons for hope– but they aren’t foolproof. A left-leaning society increasingly devoid of natural affection will not necessarily be “righted” by either.

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